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Work in Progress -2007 AP Network Day

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Workshops offered so far for the 16th October 2007 event:


1) Restorative Work across ASB and other Community settings (Wendy Freshman, The Mediation Service, East Kent & TBC)


2) Does RJ Work? -By Marian Liebmann, author of "RJ - How it works" and Lindy Wootton


3) The needs of young victims of violent crime (Peter Wallis, Oxfordshire Youth Offending Team)


4) Tools for (learning and doing) restorative empathy (Paul Crosland,  Mediation Support Ltd)


5) Victim Satisfaction and Offender Satisfaction (Linda Cross, Derbyshire Victim Support, Paul Crosland & TBC)


6) Safety of mediators and restorative practitioners (TBC)


7) Self awareness and self care for Restorative Workers in the Context of Serious and Sensitive Cases (Barbara Tudor)

workshop description:



Where such serious harm has been caused the restorative route may very well be crucial to the future well being of many of those involved . These types of offence create very widespread distress and damage which if ignored by those of us involved in the administration of the criminal justice system can result in permanent ongoing trauma for victims and offenders.


One of the most regularly expressed reasons for not attempting to work with these cases is the belief that “I could do more damage by working on this”. The other side of this comment is “I am fearful that I may be damaged”. These comments could be true of any human engagement that we may undertake.


Self awareness and self care are among the most important aspects of working in the restorative arena. How do we achieve them? This workshop will explore these concepts within the wider concept of restoration.


The Practitioners Day will also be looking at:


Who is taking forward which themes and policy developments for restorative practice to grow?


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