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Training Requests


July 2007 request from Norfolk YOT for 4 days training RJ Training Brief 25.07.07.doc



2006 request:


"I am a restorative justice worker based at Bath Youth Offending Team. We are currently looking to train some new members of our team and I have been asked to research possibilities of outside training.


Could you possibly let me know the cost of such training for each individual? There would be possibly a group of 5-6 people - all of us have RJ knowledge in some context and therefore it is more likely to be a 'refresher' course


Also any other information you could send on would be appreciated


Kathryn Rowsell - Restorative Justice Worker

Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Youth Offending Team

12 Charlotte Street



Tel: (01225) 396966

Fax: (01225) 338063



Message (from Paul Crosland) about this page

As Head of Restorative Justice at Mediation UK (2001-2006) I used to organise many training events UK-wide, alongside the Mediation and Reparation Committee. in my current work with the Mediation and Reparation Committee, I am not directly organising training any longer. I am willing to put training requests onto the www.restorativejustice.pbwiki.com website and alert trainers to this whereabouts so they can get back to you.



Add your requests for training to this page by emailing them (headed 'rjpbwiki') to paul_crosland_nospam@yahoo.com


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