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New MedUK Next Steps

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

The name?

The two of us share the preference for one particular name.

Thoughtstorming undertaken (more of a light shower); please cross out the parts of the names that have little merit in your opinion:

Conflict Resolution UK - someone tells me this is already taken

Sort It All Out UK - governement won't like it and we them as funders

Talk Works

An Acronym involving the words Mediation, Conciliation, and an R  -eg Restorative, Reconciliation, Respectful or Resolution -MERC; CARMA, CREAM

CREAM -Conciliation, Reconciliation, (E?) And Mediation

CARMA -Conflict And Resolution Mediation Association

(NB For info -there is a new framework organisation called ARP -the Association of Restorative Practitioners)

Association of Mediation and Conciliation Services?

Preferred words to imply the collective nature of the organisation:

UK, Association, Federation, Umbrella.... YES need this in the title


Liason over the name?

I could establish an on-line survey (like the one at www.mediationsupport.info) to collect preferences for name. Doing this has both elements of inclusion (and exclusion if people get attached to a particular title and it doesn't win through). What a good idea I'm presuming that you are in favour of the survey despite the identified risk of peoples attachment to a name that doesn't win through and sense of exclusion. See an example of a questionnaire here



The tasks that follow the new name


Here's an outline of four branches of the developmental work foreseen after the decision about the new name:

1 A framework for the new database(s)

2 A reserection/restructuring  of the Mediation UK pages as they were in March 2007 (when they went off-line) (Dependent on permissions)

3 Contacting Mediators and Mediation Services to recruit members and build the database

4 Quality Assurance agenda


5 Planning low-cost options for providing the services of a national office

6 Researching and support the fundraising work


These branches can be worked on simultaneously or otherwise


Task Lists
Branch Task Description Worker? Relevant Contacts Skills Knowledge Evidence Comments1  2
 1.1  Buy Web domains  Paul?    Yes, Paul has  Yes, Paul has  sites accessible from here      
 1.2 Contract for a logo  Designer              
 1.3 Build site with the framework database for member registrations  Paul?    Webdesign  elementary skills and some database skills    linked in a Calendar database to the telephonemediation website here      
 1.4 Liase with Colin on the relationship between the database we have and his service searching on-line software   Paul?  Colin      Encouraged Colin in establishing this service and liased as it developed      
 2.1  Liase to access the files/pages that were on the MedUK website Paul?  Sally, Trish, Dave    a clear understanding of the previous Mediaiton UK site and its development  some previous editing of Mediation UK database and pages      
 2.2 Liase over proposed changes to website structure (so that it is less ghettoised)  Paul?              
 2.3  Read, update and upload pages  Paul?              
 3.1  Contact services to fill in the database created in branch 1.3  Paul?  mediation services     Background knowledge and credibility to liaise effectively        
 4.1  Research and build a library around accreditation and mediation issues  Paul?        Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practitioners      
 4.2  Resurrect the Quality Practice Group, or similar  Paul?              

Planning low-cost options for providing the services of a national office

 6  Researching and support the fundraising work  Paul?              

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