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latest consultations

Page history last edited by Paul Crosland 11 years, 2 months ago

The Government's latest consultation (Engaging Communities in Criminal Justice) has a very relevant 25th question, and I'd appreciate feedback on this question to go into organisational responses (from Mediation Support Ltd  and from the Restorative Justice Consortium at least). Even if we don't change policy, we at least have this focus to clarify our thinking/experience in relation to how victim-focussed RJ does (or does not) generate safer-communities.

"Q25) Restorative Justice has proved

a positive experience for victims

and can be effective in reducing

re-offending. How could we

publicise this and encourage

community involvement in

Restorative Justice projects, in

particular as a service to victims?"



Paul Baker has just given permission for this article to be added (written on the related topic): Victims lower priority in RJ V3 PB.doc

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